Place of my first motorcycle crash in Thailand

After 6 years Thailand I had my first and hopefully my last motorcycle accident. And I didn’t have the accident because someone drove drunk. No! It has more to do with the Thai culture – like the way they use motor vehicles.

But it is not just the road users who you need to get used to it, but also the complete road planning. They make no underpass or overpass to cross a motorway, but leave the concrete guide rails just a bit on so you can cross the highway. And that with the Thai professionals.

In Germany, this would probably work, because people have so much brain and know that it is dangerous to cross a motorway and therefore make it cautious. And to protect oneself, probably would first look whether it is free.
For many Thais is not the case!

I know this is now badly formulated. But there a 50-year-old woman goes straight from the jungle into the highway and wants to cross them in a 45 degree angle. But officially I’m supposed to be guilty because I’ve rammed her at the back of the bike. Unbelievable!!!

There does not seem to be any principle that you can trust in awareness of the road users.

After 2 ½ months I have now found the exactly place of my accident.

When I had mentally again done the entire accident there it was for me still unbelievable and incomprehensible what happened there. If there would have been an elephant on the street I would have said „fair enough“ – that’s Thailand.

But a postulated person is right across on the street with her motorcycle is simply unbelievable. Because you are driving so that you will live up to the principle of trust that something like this would never happened.

What annoys me, though, is that almost all the Thais who somehow gave me a comment on my accident told me that if the policeman says I’m to blame, I’m actually to blame. This is really a hardcore situation being among brain burnt.


I asked a Bangkok police officer (because in Bangkok, the police actually have to work according to the law) who is to blame and he told me according to the law in Thailand, the woman is twice to blame:

  1. You are always to blame with a vehicle not approved for road traffic
  2. Crossing the motorway is prohibited

But I would have to go to court with it and you will surely get a Pyrrhic victory which I would prefer to prevent 😉

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